Massachusetts Antique Map Print (1775)

Massachusetts Antique Map Print (1775)
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• Fine art print of an antique map of Massachusetts
• Printed on 100% cotton matte fine art paper
• Printed with archival pigment inks
• Includes a 1/4 inch white border

Fine art print reproduction of an antique map of Massachusetts from 1775 printed on acid-free, 100% cotton fine art paper with a matte finish and archival pigment inks.

Detailing events in the American Revolutionary War in 1775, this map shows troops from Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, as well as General Washington's troops in Massachusetts, marching towards Boston. Includes two smaller maps: 'Plan of Boston Harbour, from an actual survey', and 'Plan of the town of Boston with the attack on Bunkers-Hill in the peninsula of Charlestown, the 17th of June, 1775.'

Map Title: The Seat of War in New England, by an American Volunteer, with the Marches of the Several Corps Sent by the Colonies Towards Boston, with the Attack on Bunkers-Hill
Author: R. Sayer and J. Bennett
Year: 1775
Related Subjects: Massachusetts, Boston, Rhode Island, Colonial America, Revolutionary War