Map of the World

Map of the World

Original Title: Universale Descrittione di Tutta la Terra Conosciuta Fin Qui

(Universal Description of the Known World)

Year: 1565

Language: Italian

Creator: Paolo Forlani (fl. 1560-1574)

Item Code: 15327

This beautifully executed map of the world is a prime example of the Italian printing style, and shows a vast land covering the southernmost region of the world. The continent at the South Pole was still only hypothesized in the 16th century, and this map shows the conception at that time was of a land far larger and extending much further north than in reality. The land at the South Pole is populated with both real and mythical creatures, including an elephant, camel, unicorn, and griffin, among others. The seas are full of sailing vessels and fanciful sea creatures. The map also shows the western part of North America connected directly to Asia.

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