London Antique Map Print (c1750)


Product Code: 15881

Archival print reproduction of an antique map of London, England from c1750 by Johann Baptist Homann.

  • Medium: Art print
  • Paper: 100% cotton, museum-quality, heavyweight, matte finish
  • Ink: Archival pigment ink
  • Size: 12x14 or 16x19 inches (includes a 1/4 inch white border)

About This Map

A mid-18th century plan of London consisting of two parts. The upper part shows a map of the city and includes an index to streets, markets, churches, and other places of interest. In the upper corners of the map are two inset drawings of the Palace of Whitehall and the Royal Treasury building. The bottom part shows a view of London from the south looking north across the Thames River, with numerous buildings including St. Paul's Cathedral and London Bridge. An index to numerous churches and other buildings is included.

Title: Accurater Prospect und Grundris der Königl. Gros Britanisch Haupt und Residentz Stadt London (Accurate View and Plan of the Royal Residence and City of London)
Author: Johann Baptist Homann (1663-1724)
Year: c1750
Language: German

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