Utah Antique Map Print (1777)


Product Code: 15292

Archival print reproduction of an antique map of Utah from 1777 by Antonio Velez y Escalante.

  • Medium: Art print
  • Paper: 100% cotton, museum-quality, heavyweight, matte finish
  • Ink: Archival pigment ink
  • Size: 12x16 or 15x20 inches (includes a 1/4 inch white border)

About This Map

This manuscript map depicts the Colorado, Arizona, and Utah portion of Escalante's expedition. Escalante set out with a group from Santa Fe, New Mexico to find a route from there to Monterey, California. The group could not complete the journey and had to turn back.

The Colorado River is labeled Rio Colorado at the bottom of the map, and again in the upper right, though the rivers in between are given other names. Two routes in red contain the locations of numerous missions, and the locations of several Native American tribes are indicated. The two lakes in the upper left (labeled Lago Salado de Teguayo and Lago de Timpanogos) are most likely Utah Lake and Great Salt Lake.

Title: Derrotero Hecho por Antonio Vélez y Escalante, Misionero para Mejor Conocimiento de las Misiones, Pueblos de Indios y Presidios que se hallan en el Camino de Monterrey a Santa Fe de Nuebo Mexico (Route Map made by Antonio Vélez y Escalante, Missionary, for Improved Knowledge of the Missions, Indian Pueblos, and Prisons Found on the Road from Monterrey to Santa Fe in New Mexico)
Author: Antonio Velez y Escalante
Year: 1777
Language: Spanish

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