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We make museum-quality, archival print reproductions of antique maps. We have maps of locations from all over the world, covering all periods from the 15th century through the early 20th century.

What kind of materials do you use in your prints?
We use only the highest quality materials in all our products. We always print on 100% cotton acid-free fine art papers with archival pigment inks. Our maps are printed on paper with a natural white matte surface and have no gloss or sheen at all. All of our products are archival prints.

What is an "archival print"?
An archival print is one that is made of materials that are designed to preserve the print for as long as possible. The best materials for archival preservation: 1) are acid-free (acidic materials can cause discoloration and deterioration of paper), 2) are made with 100% cotton paper (cotton is considered to be one of the best archival materials for printed artwork), and 3) use pigment inks (pigment inks are made from naturally occurring ingredients, not from synthetic dyes, and as such are very stable and will resist changing or fading over time). If cared for and framed properly, our prints will last for generations with no noticeable fading or discoloration.

Can I request a customization?
Absolutely. In many cases we can offer prints in custom sizes or with custom borders. We can also alter the color and tone of a print, for example, to make it darker, lighter, more yellowed, etc. In most cases we can make the alteration for free, though if you need something complex we may charge an extra fee for image preparation. If you'd like some other type of alteration, feel free to contact us to discuss whether we can produce what you need.

Do you offer framing services?
At this time we do not offer any framing services. All of our prints come without any framing or mounting. For prints in standard sizes (such as 8"x10", 11"x14", or 16"x20"), an inexpensive option is to check art supply stores in your area. Most art supply stores stock a wide range of ready made frames. For non-standard sizes, there are many high-quality online frame shops that allow you to customize the size of your frame. We highly recommend American Frame, Framebridge, and Frame Destination. For the widest range of framing options, you can also take your print to your local frame shop for a custom frame.

Can you make a print of an image I found/scanned?
If the resolution of your image is high enough, we can definitely make a print for you from your file. Please contact us so we can discuss what is required to get a good print from your image file. If you will be scanning the original material, we recommend scanning with a minimum resolution setting of 300ppi (pixels per inch) if you want to make a print at the same size as the original. If you want to make a much larger print than the original, we recommend scanning at a resolution of at least 600ppi, and preferably 1200ppi.