Great Lakes Antique Map Print (1755)

SKU: 15101

Archival print reproduction of an antique map of the Great Lakes from 1755 by Jacques Nicolas Bellin.

  • Medium: Archival pigment inkjet print
  • Paper: 100% cotton, museum-quality, acid-free, heavyweight, matte finish
  • Size: 11x14 or 16x20 inches (includes a 1/8 inch white border)

All prints come unframed.

About This Map

This map covers the area from Lake Superior in the northwest to western Quebec in the northeast, and from the Mississippi River in the southwest to Delaware Bay in the southeast. Shows a few towns, missions, forts, Indian villages and tribal territory, rivers and lakes, portages, and early place-names. Includes four legendary but non-existent islands in Lake Superior described by the Jesuit explorer Pierre de Charlevoix, thought to exist by explorers for many years.

Title: Partie Occidentale de la Nouvelle France ou du Canada (Western Part of New France or Canada)
Author: Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772)
Year: 1755
Language: French