Handling Your Print

When handling your print, hold the paper by the edges. Never touch the printed surface, as oils on your hands could transfer to the print, potentially degrading the quality. Your print is reasonably resistant to scratches, but it is always best to handle it with care.

Storing Your Print

If you don't plan to frame your print immediately, make sure to store it in an archival protective sleeve or an archival box. We always place prints in archival sleeves for protection before shipping. We recommend you keep this sleeve for storage. Store your print flat in a dark place away from sources of light.

Framing Tips

When framing your print, always use all acid-free materials, and for best protection we recommend that you use glass or acrylic with UV filtering. Never hang your print where it will receive any direct sunlight.

For the widest range of framing options, we recommend that you take your print to your local frame shop to purchase a custom frame. Frame shops usually have a very large selection of mats and frames, and will be able to size the materials exactly as you like. They also have the expertise to make sure you get the highest quality framing possible.

If your print is in a standard size (such as 8"x10", 11"x14", or 16"x20") and you want to purchase an off-the-shelf, standard-size frame, we recommend that you check out art supply stores in your area. Most art supply stores stock a wide range of ready-made frames.

There are also numerous online custom frame vendors that allow you to specify custom sizing for frames and mats. These frames are often less expensive than custom frames from a local frame shop, though more expensive than off-the-shelf frames from an art supply store. The quality of the materials is often on par with the best custom frame shops, and usually much better than what you can find in an art supply store. We highly recommend American Frame and Frame Destination.